This book was published to accompany an intervention by Piero Pizzi Cannella, curated by Roberta Cremoncini and Giovanna Nicoletti, at the Estorick Collection in 2015.

Piero Pizzi Cannella’s images bear little resemblance to the Estorick’s masterpieces, beyond a certain similarity with the work of Zoran Music. Yet there is arguably a more profound connection – many of his works evoke an absent human presence through the depiction of personal effects: an idea that is entirely appropriate to be explored in a collection where each constituent element bears mute witness to a facet of Estorick’s personality.

The catalogue includes an introduction from Roberta Cremoncini, Director of the Estorick Collection, and an essay from Giovanna Nicoletti (both with Italian translations).

Hardback: 112 pages
Publisher: Il Gigno GG Edizioni Roma (2014)

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