The Estorick Collection Library holds a large number of volumes relating to twentieth-century Italian Art. It is open to researchers and Members of the Estorick by appointment.

The core of the Library is formed from the vast collection of texts accumulated by Eric and Salome Estorick. Housed on the top floor of the museum, it has been added to since 1998 and now contains over 3000 books, periodicals and exhibition catalogues. These include first editions of novels by Wyndham Lewis, original copies of landmark texts such as the Vorticist journal Blast and Fortunato Depero’s famous ‘bolted book’ Depero futurista, and facsimile copies of Futurist journals and manifestos. The majority of books are in Italian or English, and the museum is constantly acquiring new, relevant publications.

Please direct enquiries to the Assistant Curator at 020 7704 9522 or use the contact form.

Use of the library costs £2.50 per visit (free for Members) and appointments must be booked in advance on the above number or via email. A brief written reference is also required to access the Library.