This catalogue was published to accompany the exhibition Gerardo Dottori: The Futurist View, curated by Massimo Duranti, held at the Estorick Collection in 2014.

Gerardo Dottori was one of the pivotal figures of Italian Futurism during the inter-war years. His expansive and intensely poetic visions of the Umbrian landscape, viewed from above, were among the earliest and most striking examples of ‘aeropainting’ – the dominant trend within Futurist art throughout the 1930s, exploring the dynamic perspectives offered by flight.

The catalogue includes contributions from Roberta Cremoncini, Director of the Estorick Collection, the curator Massimo Duranti on Dottori’s dynamic landscapes, and Andrea Baffoni on correspondence between Dottori and a curator at the Tate. An essay on insights gained into Dottori’s work through non-invasive investigations is also included (all with Italian translations).

Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Fabrizio Fabbri Editore (2014)

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