This catalogue was published to accompany the exhibition More than Meets the Eye: New Research on the Estorick Collection, curated by Roberta Cremoncini and Mattia Patti, held at the Estorick Collection in 2015.

Though Futurist works were often the result of an intense process of developing a new pictorial language, this process cannot always be detected by the naked eye in the finished product. As part of FUTURAHMA, a wider project, scientific investigations were carried out on a number of works in the Estorick Collection, deepening our understanding of the individual works and of Futurist artistic practice.

The catalogue chronicles the discoveries made through these investigations, focusing particularly on the works of seven artists: Balla, Boccioni, Carra, de Chirico, Russolo, Severini, and Soffici. It also includes an introduction by Mattia Patti and Roberta Cremoncini, Director of the Estorick Collection.

Price: £16.95