We are delighted to announce that we have officially partnered with Vieunite to bring our collection to a wider audience through the power of technology.

Vieunite is transforming the way we consume art on a daily basis by combining the Textura digital canvas with an online art community. Vieunite's platform serves as a gateway for art lovers worldwide, bringing timeless art directly into the home while enabling artists to connect with audiences beyond the confines of traditional galleries.

Users will now have exclusive access to artworks from the Estorick Collection in the Vieunite library. They will be able to find unique pieces from our collection on the Vieunite app and view them on their Textura digital canvas, where the texture-accurate display technology authentically replicates the tactile sensation of viewing this incredible art in person.

We are pleased to announce that one Textura digital canvas has been installed at the Estorick to display our unique pieces. We hope that this collaboration will open the doors to a new global audience eager to delve into the depths of Italian Modernism. With our own section on the Vieunite app, the Estorick Collection now has a digital gateway to bring a taste of our unique London museum to the world.

At the same time, Vieunite benefits from the esteemed reputation and rich cultural heritage of the Estorick Collection, enhancing its platform with a diverse range of Futurist works and adding to its ever-expanding and carefully curated art library.

Together, the Estorick Collection and Vieunite are embarking on a journey to democratise art, inspire creativity and preserve the beauty of Italian Modernism.