Claudio Koporossy
Water Natures

Claudio Koporossy was born in Lausanne. His work addresses natural subject matter, focusing on details that are not noticed at first glance or that are revealed by the camera’s ability to freeze time.

I delve into nature’s most intimate textures: the skin of a fruit, the effects of autumn on a leaf, water seeping into the ground, the colours of vegetation. In this way, I try to discover nature’s inner essence, and explore what my eyes simply see: I feel firmness under my fingers, I perceive a thousand scents, I detect as many flavours. Live nature: this is my project, my gaze through the lens.

The present display coincides with an exhibition of Koporossy’s work at Cris Contini Contemporary, 15-16 Brook’s Mews, London

Water Natures will be on show at the Estorick Caffè from 9 Janaury 2020.

Organized by Il Cigno GG Edizioni.

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19 October 2020

@HappyHalstead Hi @HappyHalstead we look forward to seeing you at the museum soon! 👏👏👏

19 October 2020

Umberto Boccioni was born #OTD in 1882. "We must free ourselves from the old formulas! We must destroy everything within us which is static, dead, everything in fact which is passéist! I shall never tire of repeating: no painting can exist outside our plastic dynamism!"
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