Estorick-led sessions support creative learning across the curriculum. While looking at the artworks, students will exercise their skills in language, history and geography as well as visual literacy, engaging in creative and enjoyable projects.

Handling of materials, additional photographs, manifesto facsimiles and sound recordings can all be used to bring the sessions to life and to support the learning outcomes. Students can record from first-hand observation in the galleries, whilst being encouraged to use their imagination.

Discover our offer for EYFS and Key Stages 1 and 2

Mini Curators

Art and Design EYFS and KS1

Students will have the chance to learn what an art collection is and how collectors make their picks. In the role of a curator, pupils will explore the range of artworks at the Estorick Collection and think about these pieces as a part of a whole. The debate will support pupils to develop their observation skills and artistic language to express their likes and choices. This will be followed by a practical activity where they will work in groups to make their selection and create a mock exhibition.

Meaningful Objects

Art and Design at KS2

Focusing on still life compositions by Gino Severini and Giorgio Morandi, the introduction examines how artists arrange objects, use colours, and choose their techniques to construct stories and reveal emotions. The discussion will assist students in observing the impact these choices have on the viewer and the stories they tell when brought together. This will be followed by a practical activity where pupils will begin to experiment with still life composition by choosing from a selection of everyday objects to arrange them to tell a story and to reproduce their compositions on paper through drawing or collage.

Art in Motion

Cross-curricula at KS2

Concentrating on the works by Giacomo Balla, Gino Severini and Umberto Boccioni learners will have the chance to discover the various approaches that these artists employed to illustrate visually continuous movement.

The discussion will assist pupils to think of the range of approaches used by the different artists with a particular focus on Divisionist’s short, uniform brush strokes of pure complementary colours and the fractured spaces, repetitive images and swirling patterns in Futurist studies. Students will then create their own flip book, making drawings based on works from the permanent collection. They will learn how to combine images in order to portray movement.

Colourful Sounds

Cross-curricula at KS2

Using Luigi Russolo’s masterpiece Music (1911), learners will discover the concept of synaesthesia along with the way that the sounds around us have been a source of inspiration for many of artists. The discussion will support students in developing their abstract thinking, visual literacy and creativity as well as being able to identify sounds and colours through Russolo’s painting. Students will then create their own pieces, making drawings based on sounds from our environment. They will learn how to combine images in order to portray movement.

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