Music, theatre and sculpture meet in a performance based on the book Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino, an account of Marco Polo’s journey through the imaginary and evocative cities of Kublai Kahn's vast empire.

Join the famous Venetian explorer in an audacious journey through musical lines and thin sculptures discovering hidden signs, desires, feelings and memories of the invisible cities.

The performance will take place amongst the sculptures in the exhibition Fausto Melotti: Counterpoint.

"There was a moment when, after having met Fausto Melotti, one of the first Italian abstractionist, I had to write cities as thin as his sculptures: cities on stilts, spider web cities."
Italo Calvino, I Segni Alti (for Fausto Melotti) 1995

£15 Standard Admission
£12 Concessions and Estorick Collection Members
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Doors open at 6.30pm and the performance will start at 7pm. Come early to enjoy a drink and get inspired by the Melotti's sculptures. Cash only bar from 6.30pm.

Performers and Artists:
Laura Hopwood, actor
Laura Hopwood is an award winning theatre maker based in the UK and Australia. She studied at the Drama Centre London and the Vahktangov Institute in Moscow and her work explores audience agency in the context of communal experience.

Lucas Jordan, flute & composition
With a strong commitment towards innovative/collaborative projects Lucas Jordan aims to reconnect music with society. He has performed in Europe and the Americas working with various artists and musicians. His music is performed regularly in Europe, Asia & USA.

Elena Cappelletti, cello & dance
An enthusiastic chamber music player, Elena is member of the Alauda Quartet with whom she was former Junior Chamber Music Fellow at the Royal Academy of Music in London and performs in Europe, North America and Asia. Elena enjoys combining her performing practice with her passion for dance and body language.

Irene Ros, theatre director & texts
Irene Ros is a theatre director and a multimedia artist. Her work has been constantly inspired by politics, gender equality and the media. Her multidisciplinary approach aims to question and experiment the performativity of other disciplines. She is interested in participatory practices as a way to engage audiences and define a space with their presence.

Meret Roth, singer
Soprano Meret Roth studied at the Zurich University of Arts. She devotes herself to the art of song and professional ensemble singing maintaining a strong interest in contemporary works, music theater and improvisation. She has performed with the Symphony Orchestra of the Bavarian Rundfunk, Lucerne Festival Academy, among others and has appeared in theatre and television productions in Switzerland.

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