Join us for a live music performance by Fleix Macintosh and Igor Olejar as part of their mini-series of silent gigs that bring live music to spaces that do not usually present it, but with zero noise pollution.

With a combination of a few headphones and a low-energy FM transmitter, the performers will transmit music to anyone standing or sitting nearby (10 - 20 metre radius). A portable radio receiver or a mobile phone will be needed to hear the performance. No music or noise will be heard by anyone who doesn’t tune in. Over the course of the project field recordings will be taken from different environments such as city farm, dentists waiting room and river cruise then manipulated and incorporated as part of a composition in the next space, bringing the sounds of one place to another.

Free with an admission ticket purchased on the day.

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4 July 2019

18:00 - 21:00

First Thursdays Late Opening Night

In conjunction with the [First Thursdays late opening nights](, the Estorick Collection and Estorick Caffè will be open until 21.00.

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